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"Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it." - JFK

Coincidently just before September 11, Jeb Bush declared Martial Law(the control and policing of a civilian population by military forces); Huge surges in purchases of put options on stocks of the two airlines used in the attack -- United Airlines and American Airlines; The Air Force was running multiple war games on the morning of 9/11 simulating hijackings over the continental United States that included (at least) one "live-fly" exercise as well as simulations that placed "false blips" on FAA radar screens; and the morning of September 7, 2001, the White House announces a trip to Florida:

“the President will continue his focus on reading and education when he travels to Jacksonville, Florida, and then on to Sarasota, Florida“.-ARI FLEISCHER, September 7, 2001

On Friday, September 7, "Jeb" signed Florida Executive Order No. 01-261 which states, in part:

"I hereby delegate to The Adjutant General of the State of Florida all necessary authority, within approved budgetary appropriations or grants, to order members of the Florida National Guard into active service, as defined by Section 250.27, Florida Statutes, for the purpose of training to support law-enforcement personnel and emergency-management personnel in the event of civil disturbances or natural disasters and to provide training support to law-enforcement personnel and community-based organizations relating to counter drug operations. This Executive Order shall remain in full force and effect until the earlier of its revocation or June 30, 2003."


The Hierarchy of Law Enforcement

The Brotherhood of the Serpent / Snake
(Big Brother)
United Nations
National Government
Local Law Enforcement

Above is a sub-hierarchy chart of the control system. The whole system of control extends far beyond what you see above of course.   The pyramidal structure in the hierarchy above should be obvious to you.  The mass at the base of a pyramid is much greater than the top..